About Us

Introduction to PLP


We are a leading online Marketing company specialising in lead follow up management. We specialise in converting “out of criteria and dead leads” and turning them in to a revenue stream.

Our research tells us that companies stop following up leads after a certain amount of time as it becomes unprofitable to continue. To this end we have spent the last two years developing processes, procedures and systems to do exactly that. What we effectively are doing is to continue to engage with people in different ways to help them based on their circumstances.

We, as a professional company, have also put in place an auto feedback system on all leads passed over to us at different stages. This will mean you will have comprehensive progress reports each month, as, with our research, we have found that other companies that have dealt with individuals who say they will do this are less than equipped to process the volume lead data and follow through on their word.

Once you become an introducer you will get feedback and get paid on-going on all your converted leads automatically. We realise that you will not continue to enter the data onto our system unless you are seeing a return, so to this end we are committed and will continue to develop the processes, procedures and systems to maximise the revenues for all parties.

Our main focus is to continue what you have been doing to make contact and to engage with the client and finding different solutions for their circumstances.  We have many contacts who will be interested in deals for different criteria and reasons. We specialize in converting out of criteria leads plus leads that are challenging to convert. We concentrate our efforts on working each lead to maximise its potential for revenue both for the introducer and ourselves, but just as importantly have in mind the best interest of the client.

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